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Improved renewable energy returns

Renewable energy investors use our global purchasing power to increase ROI
Our business is a proven global distribution model. Through a leveraged buying program, we optimize international procurement with the purchasing power of our company to supply competitively priced products to solar projects, both large and small throughout the world.

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Global purchasing power

We offer competitive pricing, along with pre and post sale support
Contact our trade specialist to learn more about our products, pricing and support options. We have contractual arrangement with our suppliers to sell into various markets throughout the world at the “lowest available” and most competitive price. We leverage the global demand of a product and provide the costs savings of World Tech’s global purchasing power to you. We have long-term strategic partnerships with a select group of manufacturers that have the products, resources, and commitment necessary to provide high-quality products, services and support. Our trade specialists provide enhanced domain expertise and customer support.

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Access to world markets

World-class international distribution for leading edge high-tech companies
World Technology is an innovative leader in export management and international business development, providing US, Asian and European companies with a full service alternative to staffing their own export department or international operations. Since 1991, our team has been building world-class international distribution for leading edge high-tech companies within the cleantech, IT and media industries that have a global competitive advantage. Some of today’s top brands have gone global with our team.

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