International Sales and Marketing

Our team has established international joint ventures for over two decades with some of the most recognizable brands in solar and renewable energy. Today, we’ve sold products in over 45 countries and are expanding our reach daily.

We’re experts in working and opening up international markets for early stage companies as well as established manufacturing and services providers. We look at underserved international markets and identify products and services we believe would have a competitive advantage that if launched today, would be leaders in that market. Unlike distributors, who add cost to the goods they sell, World Technology is not an additional channel, nor a channel intermediary. We view ourselves as the international department for manufacturers paid on a different basis.

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International Transportation and Logistics

World Technology has ISO Certified offices in the United States for custom clearance on both coasts and has an expert team to export into any country.

Our staff of highly experienced import/export specialists ensure that products are ordered and shipments are processed efficiently and timely. Specific care is exercised to ensure shipments are in compliance with all of the global regulatory agencies. We understand the challenges working with early stage companies or companies seeking to open up markets abroad and take an entreprenurial and creative approach towards designing an international logistics solutions to meet the ever growing challenges of international trade. We’re supported by a global network of regional offices all connected through a state of the art, logistics platform that provides visibility for document tracking, shipping, custom clearance, insurance, duty and inland trucking.

Global Purchasing

World Technology leverages its relationship with its suppliers to offer our investor partners, international distributors and customers the best possible price based on our global pricing contracts.

On the international stage, economies of scale and leveraging global buying power combined with a proven cost containment model is the foremost critical component in achieving success. Add to that the unique complexities of managing currencies, local business requirements, and languages across multiple markets and the rollout of any global initiate can quickly become a seemingly insurmountable task. Overcoming the inherent challenges of international business begins by promoting globally competitive products at a competitive price. World Technology leverages our global pricing for each individual market.

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Global Customer Support

World Technology helps its clients achieve global success by linking them with network leading distribution organizations and forming strategic partnerships through a profitable alliance structure and a clear sales and marketing plan.

In addition, we ensure our global partners receive the highest level of care when taking one of our products. Together, we drive the confidence needed in order to effectively gain market share throughout the world.

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