The Off-Grid Solution: H5001 Hybrid Inverter

During September of 2017, hurricane Maria rendered most Puerto Ricans without power at home, possibly for many months to come. Night satellite images of Puerto Rico before and after hurricane Maria are shown in the images below.

Here Darfon presents an energy solution for immediate application to Puerto Rico during the blackout period, and for future prevention of power loss at home.

When the utility grid is down, the best solution for continuous home power is to use photovoltaic (PV) modules coupled with a hybrid inverter and a battery array. Darfon’s H5000 hybrid inverter can operate in an off-grid environment. It can accommodate up to 6.5kW of PV modules, and has a built-in charger for charging 48V battery banks.

The H5001 hybrid inverter is nominally 5kW of AC output and allows a short burst up to 7kW. It can accommodate 2 strings of PV modules with individual MPPT for maximum power. The built-in battery charger can charge at 60A and discharge at 150A. The inverter is bidirectional which allows charging the battery from the grid.

World Technology offers the H5001 for utilization in your market for Water filtration and desalination, Hospitality & Tourism, Disaster Response & Emergency Preparedness, Defense & Security, Commercial & Water agencies and Aid & Development requirements.

For more specifications of the H5000 please refer to the datasheet below.

The H5001 comes with the H5000 hybrid inverter and includes quick disconnect terminals, AC breakers, PV disconnect and battery connectors, making the system easy to install.

The Darfon H301, H302 is also one of the most cost competitive ESS systems in the market for residential and light commercial applications and is available for utilization in your market today!
H300 Energy Storage System
Model Number: H301, H302

About H301, H302:
The Darfon H300 hybrid energy storage system is a wall-mountable pre-configured solution that consists of a H5000 hybrid inverter, distribution box, and 5kWh Lithium battery (LNMC). The is a solution for those with a limited budget, a light load to support or without much floor space. The distribution box is attached and prewired to the H5000, so there are only two products to mount. The distribution box includes quick disconnect terminals for AC, DC, and generator, AC breakers, PV disconnect, and battery connectors, making the system easy to install.

If you have a limited budget, a light load to support and don’t have the floor space, then the H300 series is the solution for you. The H300 series of hybrid storage systems are wall-mountable pre-configured solutions consisting of a H5001 hybrid inverter and 5kWh Lithium batteries (LNMC). In this series, the H301 has a storage capacity of 5kWh and the H302 has 10kWh. And if the need arises, the H301 can easily be upgraded into the H302.

Available with one or two 5kWh Lithium batteries that is pre-configured to work out of the box
Built-in distribution box for fast installation
Designed for limited budgets and houses with less than 2kW load to support
Six (6) preset modes including backup, residential and time-of-use
Transformerless design, true sine-wave AC output, and auxiliary port for generator support
System monitoring and management via the control panel
Wall-mounted design for sites with limited floor space
Five (5) year standard warranty

H301 Contents
One (1) H5001 Hybrid Inverter
One (1) Mounting Backplate
One (1) B05LM Lithium Battery
One (1) Power Cable
One (1) Communication Cable

H302 Contents
One (1) H5001 Hybrid Inverter
One (1) Mounting Backplate
Two (2) B05LM Lithium Battery
Three (3) Power Cables
Three (3) Communication Cables
One (1) Master Box

Link to Darfon Press Release:

Nominal Voltage 51.1V
Battery Type Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt
Capacity @ 25°C 95.4Ah (4.88kWh)
Cont. Charge/Discharge Current 44A
Peak Discharge Current 58A
Terminal Type Connector
Terminal Location Side
Battery Management System OCP/OVP/SCP/OTP
Depth or Discharge (DOD) 80%
Complete Cycle Life 2500 Cycles at 80% DOD
Weight 45.2kg (99.6 lb)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 610x710x167mm (24x28x6.6in)
Protection Rating NEMA 1 Indoor / IP20
Operating Temperature -10 to 45°C (14 to 113°F)
Storage Temperature -40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F)
Compliances UL1642, UN38.3, CE

Max Power 6500W
Operation Voltage Range 120 to 500VDC
MPPT Voltage Range 250 to 430VDC
Min Start Voltage 150 VDC
Max Input Current 13A / 13A (Two String Input)
Continuous Output Power @ 25°C 5kW (PV), 2kW (One Battery),
3.3kW (Two Batteries)
Overload 40sec/5sec/1sec @ 25°C 5500W/6500W/7500W
Rated Output Current (RMS) 21A (@120V and 240V)
Output Frequency (Auto Sensing) 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage L-N: 120V ± 3%; L-L: 240V ± 3%
Automatic Transfer Relay Rating 48A
Typical Transfer Time 20ms
AC Input Voltage Range L-L: 180 to 280V (240V Nominal)
AC input Frequency Range 55 to 65 Hz
Grid Feed-In Current Range 0 to 24A (@240V)
Grid Feed-In Voltage Range L-L: 211 to 264V ± 3.0V
Grid Feed-In Frequency Range 59.4 to 60.4Hz ± 0.05Hz
Peak PV to Grid 96%
CEC weighted PV to Grid 95.5%
Max Charge / Discharge Current 60A / 150A
DC Voltage Range 42 to 60V (48V Nominal)
Product Weight 39.4kg (86.8 lbs)
Product Dimensions (H x W x D) 990x448x150mm (39×17.6×5.9in)
Protection Rating NEMA 1 Indoor / IP20
Operating Temperature 0 to 55°C (32 to 131°F),
power derated above 40°C or 104°F
Storage Temperature -25 to 70°C (-13 to 158°F)
Compliances UL 1741, IEEE 1547, FCC Class B

Number of Power Ports One Inverter, Two Batteries
Communication Ports (Modbus) One RJ45 (Inverter), Two RJ45 (Battery)
Max. Charge/Discharge Power 2kW (1 Battery), 3.3kW (2 Batteries)
Charge/Discharge Operation Voltage 57.4 VDC / 45.5 VDC
Weight 2kg (4.4 lb)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 122x149x52mm (4.8×5.9×2.0in)
Protection Rating NEMA 1 Indoor / IP20*All specifications are subject to change without notice.

About Darfon Electronics Corporation:
Darfon Electronics Corporation, established in 1997, is a Taiwan-based company with global offices in the United States, the Czech Republic and South Korea. It is one of sixteen independently operated companies in the BenQ Group. Darfon recorded consolidated annual sales revenue of approximately $1 billion USD and employs 16,200 people worldwide.
Darfon is the world’s leading notebook keyboard and power supply manufacturer. In the past 16 years, the company has acquired more than 1,200 global patents and 10 international design awards. Utilizing its power supply and integrated material expertise to develop and expand its solar division, Darfon entered the solar industry in 2011.
Darfon is dedicated to producing high-quality solar products. From its micro inverters to its web-based monitoring system, Darfon believes in creating a solar power solution that is efficient, dependable, and user-friendly.

About World Technology Corp.:
World Technology is an innovative export management company that handles the exports for several leading US solar equipment manufacturers. We are experts on developing and supporting international markets for photovoltaic equipment. Headquartered in New York, our multi-lingual sales executives support customers in over 45 countries. We are not a distributor, we offer high quality solar products and full design and logistics support at pricing lower than buying direct from the manufacturer.