Fronius Inverters - Distributed by World Technology, 50/60HZ, Latin America, South America, Carribeans, United States
World Technology Corporation Supplies 93.8kW of Fronius Inverters

January 23rd, 2019 – World Technology Corporation (World Tech), a preferred supplier of capital equipment for commercial and utility-scale solar systems, announced today that it has successfully supplied 45kW of Fronius inverters.

Fronius inverters are efficient and reliable and form the indispensable heart of photovoltaic systems. Power categories ranging from 1.5 to 27.0 kW guarantee suitability for virtually any system size – from a family home to a large-scale system.

Fronius system monitoring provides data communication solutions for PV systems, ensuring reliable system monitoring and straightforward integration into other systems. The hardware is quick to install and the software is intuitive to use.

Having the right products is only the beginning. World Technology also offers customers a high level of in-field support, including engineering and site planning, PV product validation, and installation training at the jobsite. World Technology can also help you to design a PV system and can work with your EPCs to make sure all technical parameters are met and all equipment arrives at the jobsite ready to be installed with every nut, bolt, and cable necessary for a smooth installation.

Fronius manufactures the following inverters:

Galvo 1.5-1 208-240
Galvo 2.0-1 208-240
Galvo 2.5-1 208-240
Galvo 3.1-1 208-240

Primo 3.8-1 208-240
Primo 5.0-1 208-240
Primo 6.0-1 208-240
Primo 7.6-1 208-240
Primo 8.2-1 208-240
Primo 10.0-1 208-240
Primo 11.4-1 208-240
Primo 12.5-1 208-240
Primo 15.0-1 208-240

Symo 10.0-3 208-240
Symo 10.0-3 480
Symo 12.0-3 208-240
Symo 12.5-3 480
Symo 15.0-3 208
Symo 15.0-3 480
Symo 17.5-3 480
Symo 20.0-3 480
Symo 22.7-3 480
Symo 24.0-3 480

ABOUT Fronius:
The Fronius vision of 24 hours of sun represents a world in which 100 percent of our energy is obtained from renewable resources. Humanity’s daily energy needs are met with clean electricity available to anyone, anywhere and any time. Solar energy plays a key role in this future world. To make this vision a reality, Fronius must be able to generate, store, distribute and consume renewable energy efficiently and intelligently.

Our world is changing rapidly, and with it, our energy supply. For extremely long-term energy investments, such as photovoltaic systems that have a lifetime of several decades, this represents a major challenge. If conditions or infrastructure suddenly change, this may jeopardize the success of an investment. Therefore it’s important that energy solutions are future-proof. This means designing flexible, intelligent systems that can easily adapt to new requirements. Find out what we do at Fronius to secure your investment for the future.

About World Technology Corp.:
World Technology is an innovative export management company that handles the exports for several leading US solar equipment manufacturers. We are experts on developing and supporting international markets for photovoltaic equipment. Headquartered in New York, our multi-lingual sales executives support customers in over 45 countries. We are not a distributor, we offer high quality solar products and full design and logistics support at pricing lower than buying direct from the manufacturer.