World Technology Corporation Supplies Tamarack Solar Top of Pole Mounts to 50 Sites in Central America

Central America – The Carribean – July 2, 2018 – World Technology Corporation (World Tech), a preferred supplier of capital equipment for commercial and utility-scale solar systems, announced today that it has successfully supplied offgrid equipments for electrification and rural microgrid solarification in Central America from Tamarack Solar Pole Mounts.

The scope of supply consisted of 50 units of 500Wp AC microgrid sine wave inverters with charge controllers and battery optimization that convert solar energy and battery voltage to utility quality AC voltage that can be used with electrical appliances. With minimal standby consumption, World Technology supplied sine wave inverters allow for the best performance for rural microgrid systems.

World Technology is a trusted partner in the supply of innovative offgrid components, and was also chosen to supply 238 side of pole and single arm pole mounts for offgrid telecom and remote monitoring from Tamarack Solar. Pole Mounts are manufactured using heavy-duty corrosion-resistant 5000 series aluminum and allows for quick, simple, and easy installations in the field.

Tamarack Solar’s new Universal Large SOP Module Mount is a heavy duty pole mount system ideal for 2, 60 or72 cell modules with dimensions less than 79.5″ x 39.5″, using a single 4″, Sch 40 steel pipe. Additional 2″ pipe is needed for installation and should be sourced locally.
10-year warranty on structure and 3-year warranty on finishes.
-Mount any larger 60-cell or 72-cell module with dimensions less than 79.5” x 39.5”
​-Heavy duty pole mount system, utilizes a single 4″ Schedule 40 steel pipe
-Manufactured using pre-galvanized steel and heavy-duty corrosion-resistant 5000 series aluminum- No additional up-charges
-Designed for 100+ mph wind loads
-No complex sizing calculations
-All parts are in stock and ready to ship, no waiting for long manufacturing times
-Can ship via UPS or other ground carrier

LTP Mount Series
-LTP-LCR/090 (prev: 4TP-VEE/6072) Pole Top (6″) for 4L, 60c or 72c Modules
-LTP-LCR/120 (prev: 6TP-6072) Pole Top (6″) for 6L, 60c or 72c Modules
-VEE BRACE (prev: UNI-VEE/BRC) Brace, 100+ Wind Speed, Over 50# psf

Top of Pole Mount

STP Mount Series
Tamarack Solar’s legacy Top of Pole mounts continue to be a ideal heavy duty mounting systems for single pole, small multi panel arrays (typical modules size is less than 150W). Mounted atop either a 4″ or 6″ pole, these systems support most 12V and smaller 24V modules with ease. Mounts are manufactured using powder coated steel and heavy-duty corrosion-resistant 5000 series aluminum. Schedule 40 steel pipe is not included. To configure based on your specific pole mounting needs, please use the Tamarack Solar Pole Mount Modeling Spreadsheet or contact World Technology Corporation to size for you. 10-year warranty on structure and 3-year warranty on finishes.
-STP-SCR/045 Pole Top (4″) for 1L, 60c or 72c Module- Hole Space <48"
-STP-SCR/060 Pole Top (4") for 1P, 60c or 72c Module- Hole Space >48″
-STP-LCR/090 Pole Top (4″) for 2L, 60c or 72c Modules
-STP-LCR/120 (prev: 3TP-6072) Pole Top (4″) for 3L, 60c or 72c Modules

Top of Pole Mounts UNI-TP
Installation Manual
Addendum – Top of Pole Installation Guidelines

Large Top of Pole Mounts UNI-LTP
Installation Manual

Universal Large Top of Pole Mounts – Single and Multi-Pole Options for Large Arrays
Installation Manual UNI-3TP-MAN
Installation Manual UNI-4TP-MAN
Addendum – Multi-Pole Project Planner Installation Guidelines

Having the right products is only the beginning. World Technology also offers customers a high level of in-field support, including engineering and site planning, PV product validation, and installation training at the jobsite. World Technology can also help you to design a PV system and can work with your EPCs to make sure all technical parameters are met and all equipment arrives at the jobsite ready to be installed with every nut, bolt, and cable necessary for a smooth installation.

About Tamarack Solar:
Tamarack Solar Pole Mounts are designed to install quickly and provide a secure mounting structure for PV modules on a single pole. The intuitive design is easy to learn and provides for a fast and easy installation.
Using heavy-duty corrosion-resistant 5052-H32 aluminum components, both the top and side of pole mounts are built to last. With several different model sizes, the Tamarack Solar pole mounts can hold up to 4 standard sized PV modules. In addition, seasonal adjustability for maximizing energy production is provided by several tilt-angle settings and can be operated by a single individual.

About World Technology Corp.:
World Technology is an innovative export management company that handles the exports for several leading US solar equipment manufacturers. We are experts on developing and supporting international markets for photovoltaic equipment. Headquartered in New York, our multi-lingual sales executives support customers in over 45 countries. We are not a distributor, we offer high quality solar products and full design and logistics support at pricing lower than buying direct from the manufacturer.