Shoals Balance of System Components Solar BOS Harness, 1000V 1500V Combiner Box, Disconnects, Interconnect System, 1000V/2000V PV Cables  - Distributed by World Technology, 60HZ, Latin America, South America, Carribeans, United States

World Technology supplies 1.0MW Utility Scale Solar Project Installation in Central America

Central America – December 1st, 2018 – World Technology Corporation (World Tech), a preferred supplier of capital equipment for commercial and utility-scale solar systems, announced today that it has successfully supplied 1.0 MWp of balance of system components to a solar farm in Central America.

For this particular project, World Technology’s team had to account for site specific conditions, installation, and quick production lead-times. The scope of supply includes PV cabling, DC and AC Cabling, PV Connectors, and Electrical Lugs.

Cabling includes the following:
-PV Cables
-Cable Ties
-Tier 1 Connectors
-Tier 1 Lugs

Having the right products is only the beginning. World Technology also offers customers a high level of in-field support, including engineering and site planning, PV product validation, and installation training at the jobsite. World Technology can also help you to design a PV system and can work with your EPCs to make sure all technical parameters are met and all equipment arrives at the jobsite ready to be installed with every nut, bolt, and cable necessary for a smooth installation. Contact World Technology today for your solar project’s PV and electrical balance of system and cable requirements.

World Technology Corporation – Supplier of Solar Balance of System Components / Electrical Disconnects
-DC Combiner Boxes
-DC Junction Boxes
-DC Disconnect Cabinets
-DC Breaker Cabinets
-DC Subcombiner Boxes
-AC String Combiner
-AC Combiner Boxes
-AC Disconnect Boxes
-AC Breaker Cabinets
-AC Subpanels
-DC Feeder Assemblies
-DC Connectors
-AC Connectors
-DC Lugs
-AC Lugs
-Wire Lugs
-Grounding Lugs
-Copper Lugs
-Aluminum Lugs
-Compression Lugs
-Mechanical Lugs
-Barrel Connectors/Lugs
-AC Surge Suppression
-DC Surge Suppression
-In-line Fuses
-Fuse holders
-MC4 Connectors
-Plastic Cable Ties
-304 Stainless Cable Clips
-316 Stainless Cable Clips
-Plastic Clips
-Cable Harness
-Surge Arrestors

PV Application Wire and Cable
Fuse Holders
Surge Suppression
Grounding Lugs
Grounding Clips
Grounding Washers
Grounding Jumpers
Mounting Hardware (Microinverter)
Cable Clips
Cable Ties
UV Cable Ties
Metal cable Ties
USE-2 Wire
PV Wire (Single Jacket)
PV Wire (Double Jacket)
THHN/THWN-2 Building Wire
Tray Cable
Battery Cable
Communication Cables
Aluminum Conductor Feeder Cable
Copper Conductor Feeder Cable
Bare Copper Conductors Stranded
Bare Copper Conductors Solid

-PV Cables 600/1000V
-PV Cables 1000/2000V
-Grounding Single Conductor
-Ground Multi Conductor
-Plastic Cable Ties
-304 Stainless Cable Clips
-316 Stainless Cable Clips
-Cable Clips
-Cable Lugs
-Aluminum Lugs
-Copper Lugs
-Medium Voltage Cables
-High Voltage Cables
-UL Standard
-IEC Standard

About World Technology Corp.:
World Technology is an innovative export management company that handles the exports for several leading US solar equipment manufacturers. We are experts on developing and supporting international markets for photovoltaic equipment. Headquartered in New York, our multi-lingual sales executives support customers in over 45 countries. We are not a distributor, we offer high quality solar products and full design and logistics support at pricing lower than buying direct from the manufacturer.