Solar Microgrids in Replacing the Caribbean’s Devastated Power Systems

APPLICATION NOTE IronRidge Make Solar Stronger – Hurricane Proof your Solar Installation

Make Solar Stronger – IronRidge is the only bankable mounting system in the market rated for 200 mph hurricane wind loads.

Solar professionals across the world and in the Carribean trust IronRidge XR Rails to keep solar arrays secure.

Solar mounting systems endure hundreds of punishing weather events over their lifetime. Not just the worst storms in years, but the worst storms in 40 years. IronRidge is the only mounting system in the market rated for 200 mph hurricane wind loads.

World Technology offers hurricane rated solar mounting solutions and systems from IronRidge, and waterproof attachments to secure your solar system from hurricanes.

Don’t trust unproven racking designs from manufacturers with computer wind simulations, -trust in the proven hurricane wind rated load systems from IronRidge.

Check out this test video on the strength of IronRidge’s XR rails for hurricane wind loads.
IronRidge Solar Mounting – Make Solar Stronger for Hurricanes
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About IronRidge:
IronRidge designs and manufactures structural hardware for residential and commercial solar systems. For nearly 20 years, IronRidge has worked closely with solar professionals across the globe to build products that are strong, simple and cost-effective.

About World Technology Corp.:
World Technology is an innovative export management company that handles the exports for several leading US solar equipment manufacturers. We are experts on developing and supporting international markets for photovoltaic equipment. Headquartered in New York, our multi-lingual sales executives support customers in over 45 countries. We are not a distributor, we offer high quality solar products and full design and logistics support at pricing lower than buying direct from the manufacturer.