HomeGrid is a subsidiary of Lithion and prides itself on providing the best energy storage solutions in the industry. HomeGrid’s battery systems are the most powerful and capable solutions available, and HomeGrid continues to remain on the frontier of innovation to bring the top performing and highest quality products to homes and businesses around the world. HomeGrid’s energy storage systems are comprised of Tier 1 prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells, built to withstand the test of time, and are capable of whole home microgrids. HomeGrid takes pride in support with an international sales team and a Nevada based tech support team to support HomeGrid customers at every level. This year HomeGrid is excited to announce that HomeGrid is shifting HomeGrid’s assembly/manufacturing to the United States! HomeGrid has secured a solid supply chain, sourcing from quality ethical suppliers, and plan to maintain our short lead times. At HomeGrid, products are designed with the right chemistry and specifications to accelerate the world’s transition to independent and clean energy!


Lithion is a vertically integrated manufacturer of Primary & Secondary Battery Cells, Rechargeable & Non-rechargeable Battery Packs and Battery Modules. They have recently expanded manufacturing to the USA and opened an 80,000 square foot facility in Henderson, Nevada. This new plant is dedicated to cell and battery pack assembly, in addition to a fully automated production line for their Valence modules. Lithion has manufacturing facilities located in the United States and Canada with sales & distribution globally that offer a full range of in-house engineering, design, and testing capabilities – providing comprehensive energy and power solutions. Lithion acquired HomeGrid after seeing the outstanding quality of the products and the value that it brought to communities during natural disasters and power outages. With Lithion’s backing, HomeGrid has been able to scale throughout the United States, and now has launched into Europe and Central/South America. By innovating to meet the markets’ demand, HomeGrid has recently released new product options such as an outdoor case, high-voltage options, and heated battery modules to offer higher flexibility for diverse environments.


Stack’d Series
HG-FS48100-15OSJ1 Stack’d 4.8 kWh Module, Stack up to 8 units per stack, 15 stacks in parallel,
Output: up to 14.4 kW continuous
Surge: up to 24 kW (10 sec)
Capacity: up to 38.4 kWh per Stack (576 kWh total)
HG-MC100-200M2 Stack’d Series BMS/Base
Integrated Top Homegrid Integrated Top, Integrated Series is a top that can sit on top of the BMS for the Stack’d Series.
Heated batteries available
Optional Stack’d Series Outdoor Case IP65
High-voltage BMS & Outdoor Case, The Stack’d Series High Voltage BMS allows the Stack’d Series battery to be paired with HV inverters and offers an adjustable output voltage within the range of 260-400v.

Compact Series
Compact Series 5, Compact Series 5 kWh, Up to 15 Compact Series (5 kWh) batteries can be run in parallel.
Output: up to 5.12 kW continuous
Capacity: 5.12 kWh per Compact (322 kWh total)

HG Cube Series
Each HG Cube can support 1-3 Sol-Ark inverters and 1-4 Stack’d Series batteries. Heating/cooling integrated. The HG Cube can support split phase and 208v 3P needs. The HG Cube is the large custom enclosure that configured to be a more weatherproof solution for the Homegrid battery system. It is used on small commercial sites, off-grid sites, or large homes. It has to be mounted on a concrete pad, and each HG Cube can hold up to 4x fullStacks and up to 3x Sol-Ark Hybrid Inverters.
HOMEGRID POWER BLOC Inverter and Battery storage System in Modular Weatherproof Enclosure for use with HomeGrid Stack’d Series. There are multiple ordering options, ranging from 1-3 Sol-Ark 12Ks or 15Ks with a capacity of 9.6-153.6 kWh.
Weatherproof and temperature controlled, the Power Bloc is placed outside and can power your home, business, or EV charging station. Battery and Inverter is not included.
Output: up to 45 kW continuous
Surge: up to 72 kW (10 sec)
Capacity: up to 153.6 kWh per Cube

Models Overview:
Stack’d Series HG-FS48100-15OSJ1, HG-MC100-200M2, Integrated Top
Compact Series, Compact Series 5
HG Cube Series, HG-PB4STK-A1 Power Bloc Standalone

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