Atlantis Energy Systems is the U.S. leader in manufacturing solar BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) energy products such as BIPV glazing for storefront, curtainwall, skylight and sunshade applications, BIPV roof slates or roof shingles (SunSlate and TallSlate products), and a hybrid product called BITERS (Building Integrated Thermal Electric Roofing System) combining clean energy production and a source to heat water using the light of the sun in one product. With their plant located in Poughkeepsie, New York, Atlantis Energy products are Made in America and can accommodate any Buy American project requirements.

Atlantis Energy Systems was founded in 2001 on the principle that quality construction materials and methods should be the standard for products Made in the USA. A tradition of quality has always been a part of Atlantis Energy products from the beginning, and that tradition continues to this day.

Atlantis Energy as the right people, the right experience, the right services and the right products to do any and all renewable energy projects. Atlantis offer quality service from project concept through delivery, and beyond. They strive to exceed their customers’ expectations with their continued desire to be the superior manufacturer of renewable energy products earned on their reputation of quality and dependability.

See what Atlantis Energy Systems can do to elevate your next project by offering the most aesthetically pleasing, modern and powerful BIPV glazing and BIPV roof products (slates, shingles or tiles) on the market.

Atlantis Energy manufactures the following MADE IN USA products:
-BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) energy products such as BIPV glazing for storefront, curtainwall, skylight and sunshade applications,
-BIPV roof slates or roof shingles (SunSlate and TallSlate products)
-Custom Glass, BIPV Glazings Systems
-BITERS (Building Integrated Thermal Electric Roofing System)

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SUNSLATES™ are an advanced photovoltaic product. Sunslates™ allow the roof of your home to serve as both a roof and a power plant simultaneously. A typical installation of 216 Sunslates™ (about 300 square feet / 28 square meters) will cover from 60 to 80% of your power needs, depending on location.

With SUNSLATES™ solar electric roofing tiles, you get more than a roof over your head. A technologically advanced roofing solution dramatically reduces electricity demand. Atlantis Energy’s stringent standards and insistence on using superior building materials results in a product that will last for decades. Each SUNSLATES™ tile begins as an Eternit roofing slate. These slates dominate the European roofing world. We then glue the low glare tempered glass power panel to the exposed surface. Because it is a roofing product it is installed using on site electrical or certified roofing subs.

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