AEG is founded in Berlin by Emil Rathenau. It all starts with a few patents which Emil had bought from the American inventor Thomas Edison. The first product produced under the AEG brand is electric light bulbs.
In 1907, Peter Behrens is appointed Artistic Consultant at AEG and becomes the world’s first industrial designer. The AEG design team combines a range of creative talents. Each person brings his or her own unique influences to the table, but all work together towards Peter Behrens’ goal of designing every electrical product to be “perfect in form and function”. 100 years after Peter Behrens first joined the company, this powerful source of inspiration is still alive and vibrant – and still bringing forth a whole range of impressive innovations. One example is our new line of telecommunication products such as: the DECT phone, Cromo, which offers a photo-phonebook, or the mobile phone, Fono, a simple and easy to use device with elegant design and functions like emergency call and SMS functions. The focus on design is also manifested by Colombo, a DECT phone that received the 2009 “iF product design award”.

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