Green Ballast is an innovator, developer and marketer of energy-efficient electronic ballasts for fluorescent fixtures in the commercial lighting industry.
Green Ballast produces the most cost efficient energy saving ballast in the lighting industry, saving customers up to 70% on lighting costs. The company’s customers realize additional savings from the self-contained integrated design, which makes Gren Ballast’s electronic dimming ballast simple to install and maintenance free.
The ballasts control and regulate the amount of electricity flowing to the fluorescent bulb, decreasing or increasing the flow in a manner that conserves energy. The ballasts sense the amount of ambient light in a room and decrease the amount of artificial light being produced by reducing the amount of electricity flowing to the bulb. The wireless programmable ballast can be programmed to turn lights off or reduce the amount of light produced during off-business hours or when utility rates are at their highest. As a result, use of the ballasts can reduce electricity costs by approximately 30% to 70% over traditional ballasts.
Green Ballast acquired the patent for our ballast technology on April 15, 2011. Since then, GB engineers have made further innovations to the ballasts.

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